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Exposure to toxic agents and hazardous chemicals is a serious risk in the medical profession and necessary to prepare for. Disposables are critical items of protective clothing for surgical procedures, maternity wards, emergency departments, as well as other places where exposure or the spreading of contaminants to patients is high. At Sloan Medical, there is an extensive line of protection products that will help protect medical staff in situations where there are exposure concerns.

Turn to Sloan Medical for a full range of personal fluid protection products — each designed and offered with your complete safety and satisfaction in mind. From head to toe, we have today’s medical professionals covered. Our products include everything from Jumpsuits to Knee-Highs and Shoe Covers. We will make it easy for you to maintain your inventory by shipping most orders within 24 hours. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed. Stay protected with Sloan.

Our surgical apparel keeps both the caregiver and patient covered from head to toe. Disposable medical garments provide protection, durability, and comfort at an affordable price. Our products are comfortable, lightweight, and durable.Though protection against the risks of hazardous-material exposure begins with prevention and contingency planning, for a number of reasons exposures can be inevitable and, therefore, disposable protection products are simply necessary to have. Stock up on these popular, disposables from Sloan Medical.


Sloan Medical keeps you covered and keeps you safe with a complete range of disposable, impermeable products. It is our goal to manufacture the highest quality protective products for our customers. We focus on creating and maintaining quality in all aspects of the business from our knowledgeable customer service to our fast and reliable shipping.


Our quality product lines are guaranteed to perform in all types of environments, offer easy clean-up, and provide total protection all at reasonable prices. With a variety of styles, sizes and features from which to choose, you can find the right protective gear to fit your needs and budget. You can count on Sloan Medical for full satisfaction on every product we offer. Quality has always been our prime area of concern and we make sure that all our products meet the defined medical industry standards. A quality oriented approach is followed from start to finish so that our products reach our clients in the best possible shape. This quality centered approach has enabled us to gain the trust of our clients all across the country.